L’A.B.A. est-il intéressant pour les enfants plus âgés ?

Question à Bobby Newman, PhD, BCBA

Question: I have a 13 year old son, and I am late-comer to the field of ABA. Almost everything I read is about preschoolers and recovery. Can ABA help my son?

Answer: Yes! ABA can certainly help your son to learn new skills, and to manage behavior that is interfering with his ability to partake in whatever life has to offer. Now, let’s expand a bit. ABA is not limited in its effectiveness to only autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), nor to any specific age group. Many ABA professionals do not work with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders at all, or any other form of developmental disability. ABA professionals work in business and industry, sports, education (typical or special), and other fields. The fact that ABA works so well with people diagnosed with ASDs and can achieve such amazing gains is, in part, an historical accident.

Suite de l’article  : http://www.asatonline.org/research-treatment/clinical-corner/does-aba-work-for-older-children/

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